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Ways You Can Stay Warm When The Power Goes Out

By Elite Steel & Supply
February 1, 2021

Central Texas has never seen weather like this- literally. We are all scrambling to figure out what to do during this 2021 Winter blast, so we scrambled to find some advice to keep you all warm in your steel buildings and homes! Hypothermia is no joke, Texans- so read up on how to stay warm these next couple of days.

Layer Up

Wear thermal underwear, thick socks, several shirts, and a hat that covers your ears. This will make it harder for heat to escape.

Grab some Hand Warmers

Do we need to say more?

Close Rooms You Won’t Be Using

The more sealed up your house is, the less cold you will be able to get in.

Get Together in the Smallest Room

Pick a small bedroom (preferably one with as few windows as possible) and have your whole family gather. Close the door and cover the vents to trap the body heat generated by everyone. If possible, pick a room on the south side of the house so the sun’s rays can warm the room naturally. Also, if you’re dealing with a wind coming out of the north, you don’t want to be on that side of the house.

Cover Windows

If you don’t have a roll of plastic, you can use garbage bags and duct tape. Better yet, use bubble wrap if you have it. The extra insulation will stop drafts from seeping around the smallest cracks in the sill and keep the cold glass from chilling the room.

Close All The Blinds and Curtains at Night

Once you’ve covered the windows with plastic, don’t forget the curtains. If there’s a window without curtains, use a heavy blanket instead. A few nails in the corners of the blankets won’t hurt them. Doing this will block drafts as well as stop the cold air from seeping in through the glass. As long as the sun is shining, you can uncover the windows during the day to let warm sunlight in.

Try Using Towels to Block Drafts

Roll up towels and place them under doors to block cold drafts from coming in. Put them on window sills as well. You can use pillows, blankets, or even old shirts. Put them anywhere a draft might sneak in.


Several candles grouped together on a table can provide some warmth and comfort. Just ensure they’re not in a place where they could be knocked over.

Invest in a Wood Stove or Fireplace

Make sure you have plenty of seasoned, dry wood to burn in the stove as well. A wood stove can easily heat an entire home and provide a way to heat food.

Get a Portable Generator

A large standby generator in these barndominiums can be enough to run your furnace, but a portable generator can run a space heater or two. Keep extra fuel on hand for your generator, and NEVER put your generator inside your home. Keep it under a porch or awning to protect it from heavy snow if necessary.

Drink Tea and Hot Cocoa

Hot coffee, hot chocolate, soup, and tea will keep your body warm from the inside out. Use your candle or camp stove to heat the liquid. Drink hot liquid every hour or so to keep your body temperature up. Avoid drinking cold water or other cold drinks.

Pile On The Blankets

Get comfy on the couch and put on several blankets to keep warm. Make sure you keep your head covered as well. Wool blankets are best and provide the most warmth.

Work Out

Five minutes of jumping jacks or burpees will warm you up really fast. If you have kids, play a game of Simon Says. Not only will this warm up everyone, it will boost morale.

Pull Out Your Sleeping Bags

Blankets are great during the day, but at night you’ll want some high-quality sleeping bags to trap in every bit of body heat.

Ideas from Urban Survival Guide

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