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Water Usage for Central Texans

By Elite Steel & Supply
July 27, 2021

The average Central Texas Family uses 60 to 80 gallons of water per person per day. We are about to head into Texas drought season with August and September on the horizon, so new water usage habits need to take effect. Here are just a few- to put in the back of your mind.

Recycle water

After you boil those eggs or those noodles- use that water for your plants. Put a big pot/pitcher under the sink if you are going to rinse off fruits and veggies.

Water by hand

Use a hose to water instead of those sprinklers to save more than 12,500 gallons a year!

Schedule an audit

Irrigation specialists can come do a thorough inspection to make sure you do not have any leaks in your sprinkler system.

Slow down on the fertilizer/mowing

Let that grass grow to 3-4 inches during these next few months- that length will shade the roots and reduce the need for watering.

Pay attention to the weather

Don’t forget to turn off your sprinklers the day before and after it rains. On overcast days, make sure you water less– since the water evaporates more slowly.

Check the time

4 am- 9 am seems to be the best time for you to water.

Mulch Early

That extra layer would reduce evaporation and keep the soil cool.

That’s all we got this week.

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