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Metal Roofing: Pros & Cons

By Elite Steel & Supply
March 25, 2019

If you’re looking at options for the roof of your home, you’ve probably considered metal roofing. Metal roofing is becoming increasingly popular as a long-term home investment, and many people think it’s a worthy investment – and they’re right! Here are some things to consider before you decide if metal roofing is right for you and your home.


Metal roofing can last up to three times longer than your average asphalt shingle roof. Despite its light weight, metal roofing is extremely durable, and will last you a lifetime under most circumstances. With metal roofing, you’ll likely never have to replace your roof again. This is a great thing to have going for you, whether you want it for your forever-home, or are looking to increase the resale value of your house before moving!


Metal roofing is also a sustainable option for the environment. A large portion of the metals for your roof will come from recycled materials and can be completely reused when your roof is taken down! Due to the long life-span of metal roofing combined with this recycling, your home will be much more environmentally friendly. In addition to these environmental benefits, metal roofing is also a great method of passive heating and cooling, which means less electricity wasted on temperature control.

No Critters or Mold

While birds and bugs can easily nest in normal roofing, metal roofing doesn’t have those problems. The same applies to fungus and mold growth on the shingles--you won’t have those issues with metal roofing. This saves you from having to call pest control or clean your roof out and is especially important for preventing health risks like mildew.

Heating and Cooling

Passive heating and cooling is more than just good for the environment--it’s good for your wallet, too. Metal roofing allows your house to stay cooler in the summer and prevents snow buildup and leaks in the winter. This will save you money on air conditioning and heating and is even more crucial in areas with severe weather that might destroy a typical roof.


Metal roofing can veer on the more expensive side for the upfront cost, costing about 15% more than a shingled roof, preventing you from making the investment. Prices can start around $150 per 100 square feet, but keep in mind that if you need to replace it again, you won’t have to repair damaged or lost shingles, and it saves you money on heating and cooling costs.

Noise Level

Metal roofing can be loud when it rains heavily or hails, and everybody has a different opinion on the noise. Some people like the sound of falling rain, but others can’t stand it. The good news is there are lots of online videos where you can hear an example of the sound firsthand, so there won’t be any surprises after the installation.

Overall, metal roofing is an excellent investment. A metal roof will last you a lifetime under a lot of circumstances and can save you money in many ways. Despite the upfront cost and unique sound, a lot of people are deciding to use metal roofing for their homes.

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