Texas home and business foundations do not have it easy with the extreme heat waves, shifting soil, and occasional flooding from time to time. When setting your property up for your barndominium, the foundation is a step we thought was worth a little shout-out. Issues with your foundation will worsen overtime, so this is a time to ask the questions you need to ask and make sure you have a reputable company pouring your slab. Here are things you need to know and think about.

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When you are planning your slab, there are lots of things to consider to make sure your barndominiumn is set up for success.  Anchoring your barndo or shop properly is important as well as having the right slab based on your soil. Knowing about the possibilities ahead of time can save you heartache, money, and keep you safer. Make sure your slab has a ledge so as the metal siding or any siding sits lower than the slab for your living surface.  If it doesn’t water will weep into your walls and living area.

More to consider

  • Have your living area higher than you shop area and your porch areas.  This can save you both money and keep you safer.  Water will not blow in an open door in your shop and run up into your home area.
  • Add plumbing, electric, gas and water supply lines for any islands and accommodations you may need in it.  Think about electric outlets in the floor in large rooms.
  • Need a hookup for your travel trailer or RV inside your shop?  You will want to plan ahead and include a sewer connection and probably a water connection in the slab.  You can often run the electricity around the walls.  Maybe a sink or half bath in your shop area to clean up before coming inside your home.
  • A floor drain is often overlooked but could come in handy when cleaning out the shop or planning for a very large shower in your bathroom.
  • If you are considering a grey water system you will need to plan ahead and separate your toilets from all your other drains.  This water can be used for your plants and trees.  And your metal roof is a great way to catch water as well, or redirect it to a pond. perhaps.
  • Consider a recessed area for the safe. This map prevent a dolly from being able to easily access the bottom of it. And depending on the safe maybe you would include J hooks in the slab which your safe would bolt down to from the inside. Go ahead and pick out your exact safe before finalizing its resting place on your slab.


Make sure you let your foundation company know what you plan to use your space/shop for. They can give much more advice on where to put what and how to make the most of your new space.

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