One of the nation’s finest in providing premium metal roofing and metal building supplies directly from its mill to customers offers the quickest turnaround times in Central Texas.

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(Temple, Texas) There’s an adage that says, “time is money” and thanks to Elite Steel & Supply, a Temple, Texas-based company, customers are able to receive quicker turnaround times on metal building projects.

“With the quickest turnaround in Central Texas (24 hours in most cases) and a large variety of inventory on hand for will-call pick up, we are the destination for metal building projects,” said Garry Smith, owner for Elite Steel & Supply.

Elite Steel & Supply, according to Smith, empowers customers with a location for all of their metal and steel building needs. As it relates to metal buildings, the company’s services include metal buildings; steel buildings; steel barns; metal garages; metal roofing; metal building supplies; metal carports; metal sheds, and more.

“Elite Steel & Supply offers a one-stop solution for your entire project, from concept to aligning you with a reputable builder,” Smith stressed, before adding, “Whether you have a draft or just an idea, call or visit us and we will assist you with your entire building project, and we’ll provide options to save you money as well.”

As to what makes Elite Steel & Supply different from other companies on the market today, Smith pointed to their ability to manufacture onsite, the turnaround time and the customer service.

“Our mission is to provide premium metal roofing, and metal building supplies directly from our mill to you while maintaining our focus on quality and customer service,” Smith said. “We’re committed to serving you with quality and value. Come, see what our commitment to quality is all about! We may not be related, but you’ll feel like we’re family.”

In addition to the quicker turnaround times for metal buildings, Smith said his company also provides customers with a detailed quote when purchasing a building.

“It provides them with a full scope of what their entire project will cost them,” Smith said. “Elite Steel & Supply is the destination for metal buildings, steel buildings, steel barns, metal garages, metal roofing, metal building supplies, metal carports, metal sheds, and more.”

About Elite Steel & Supply
Family owned and operated. We are committed to offering personal service and superior-quality products, direct from our mill to you. We are your one-stop shop for metal and steel buildings and supplies in Temple, Texas. Elite is pleased to offer the fastest turnaround time in central Texas.


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