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Creating a Reliable Infrastructure

By Elite Steel & Supply
March 26, 2021

Every barndominium needs electricity, water, waste removal, and telecommunications. Some barndominium builders assume they will connect to public utilities, but often rural Texas areas don't offer that capability or the main lines are so far away from the building site, they are costly to hook up to. What can you do? Create your own infrastructure...


Metal buildings are typically built out on land- which may or may not put you far away from the grid. Some are turning to solar or wind to provide power even if they are close to the grid. Once the equipment is installed, there are not electric bills. In the case that there are any outages, having an alternative energy solution can be a smart plan regardless. Consider a backup generator to keep essentials, like the fridge, running during an outage (like the 2021 Texas snowpocalypse). If you are planning on getting a generator later in life, pre-wire your house to accommodate it.


Tapping into city water is often impossible out here in the country. Installing a well is pretty much the only option and can range from 8k-15k. Once that infrastructure is in place, the water is free so it always pays for itself.

Pro Tip: Don't stop digging when you hit water- go deeper to ensure you'll have a continuous volume of water. If you hit water at 250 ft, and have a flow at a rate of 3 gallons per minute. Although that may be a good supply, you don't know how that water table may fluctuate. Drill another 150-200 ft to save you thousands in the future.


Waste removal is obviously essential, so we have to install a septic system. This is not a place to try and save money- if the system is too small for your occupants, you will overwhelm the system and it may fail or malfunction. This cost is around 6k-10k and anything less than that, can mean you are headed for expensive repairs.


This part of your infrastructure has become so much easier thanks to cellular and satellite driven systems. Make sure your devices have a clear, consistent connection and place your satellite dishes in a location that's not only unobstructed but also accessible. Cell phone boosters will help mitigate service disruptions. Follow good telecom companies like Southern Cal Telecom for more telecom advice.

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