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Benefits of Metal Barndominiums

By Elite Steel & Supply
October 8, 2019

Barndominiums are one of the hottest new building trends, and when you look at all the pros, it’s easy to see why. Is a metal barndominium right for you? Let’s find out!

What is a Metal Barndominium?

A metal barndominium is a converted or newly constructed barn that is designed as a residence. In some cases, especially where the homeowner(s) need a living/working space for a small business (metal or woodworks, selling tack, etc.) the barndominium can serve the dual function of having a shop and/or workspace on the lower level, and a living space on the upper level. Metal barndominiums are primarily constructed or converted in the rural countryside to capture and blend in with the ambience.

Metal Barndominium Benefit No. 1: Aesthetics

There is no denying that metal barndominiums look great. There is no limit to what you can do with the basic barn structure, and for those that love the country life, a “barn” is the best way to indulge in country living. If you are a homeowner that is looking for something truly unique, and something that is far from cookie-cutter, a metal barndominium is for you.

Metal Barndominium Benefit No. 2: Durability

Unlike wood and siding, metal lasts a very, very long time. Metal roofs boast a 40-70 year lifespan (let’s see your 25-year shingles compete with that)! You can rust-proof and paint metal to increase its durability and to get the look you want. It’s waterproof, and it requires a lot less maintenance than your typical building envelope.

Metal Barndominium Benefit No. 3: Cost Efficiency

Due to its long life, low maintenance requirements, and ease of manufacturing and procurement, metal barndominiums can be built and maintained at a fraction of the cost when compared to a traditional residence. When properly insulated, metal buildings can also decrease your heating and cooling bills.

Metal Barndominium Benefit No. 4: Flexibility

If your family or business grows, you can easily expand your metal barndominium, and since the cost of building one is so low, you can get more house for your money. Feel free to add on that rec room, private gym, in-law suite, or home theatre! You’ll be able to afford it in style.

Metal Barndominium Benefit No. 5: Environmental Responsibly

Traditional homes use a lot of wood. Metal is sustainable and recyclable. Not only can your metal barndominium be made from recycled metal, but you can also recycle that metal again, should the home become damaged by a natural disaster or need to be cleared off the land.

Metal Barndominium Benefit No. 6: Value

A well-built and maintained barndominium on a solid foundation can increase in value, just like a traditional home. Just make sure the interior and exterior stay in great shape. As people look for more ways to be eco-conscious without sacrificing comfort and style, barndominiums could very well be the next wave in affordable, stylish housing.

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